Flight Supervision

Flight supervision is obviously our first concern. You can be sure that AirConnect will monitor every aspect of the operation to ensure the best service. We understand the importance of crews and clients and will offer them any assistance, as this can only be beneficial for the passenger. Be it a flight plan, a delay or a lost bag, passenger layover, our offices will be able to help you.

But this alone is not enough, we will also apply for all, local airport slots and ATC communication on you behalf. LBA Representation on request. There is also a good deal more behind-the-scenes that airlines need to know. We will therefore keep you up-to-date with the prices, regulations, rebates and developments within the industry, and if required, negotiate any contracts on your behalf, to ensure you are getting the best deals.

Station & Flight Auditing

For airlines who do not have permanent staff based Germany and who do not wish to appoint a full time supervisory agent, AirConnect GmbH would like to offer our new, fully impartial Station Auditing Service.

This will result in considerable cost savings as you will no longer have to cover the costs of transporting a qualified staff member to Germany. There will be no hotac or subsistence costs, no complications with temporary ID cards and no requirement for a handling agent staff member to escort your auditor while checks on their operation are taking place.

We would carry out regular unannounced turnaround and general station audits at a frequency decided by your Ground Operations Manager.

Before our first audit we would be pleased to attend a meeting at your head office to discuss your requirements in detail and to be briefed on any specific concerns you may have about your German or European operation.

All aspects of your operation would be included and procedural checks would be carried out on:

  • Airport Authority
  • Caterer
  • Cleaning Contractor
  • Crew Transport
  • De-icing Contractor
  • Handling Agent
  • Refueller
  • any other contracted service providers

A full audit report would be sent to your Head Office.

Follow up / feedback meetings would be scheduled with your service providers as required.

Airline Supervision & Management Service

AirConnect GmbH would like to offer you the services of a locally based Station Manager at all German Airports, enabling your airline to react more quickly to local events and raise the profile of your company with your cargo & passengers and within the airport community.

Our customer airlines find great benefit in having a representative present for the check in and turnaround of their flights, as without the added pressure of a supervisory agent looking after their interests, the handling agents tend to offer the minimum of service rather than offering assistance to the standards that you would expect.