Aircraft Cleaning

AirConnect, have started servicing at Ramstein Air Base at 2003 and was the first registered company serving professional aircraft cleaning on base.

Along the way, we have introduced better quality cleaning solutions that have enhanced the appearance of aircraft cabins. From the beginning, AirConnect has remained with aircraft cleaning and security as our main emphasis and this focus continues today. Whether the task is cleaning the aircraft, the terminal, or security checking the aircraft, you can count on AirConnect to meet the highest of your expectations.

Our Aircraft Cleaning services consist of Cabin Cleaning and Cabin Dressing for all aircraft types and even Cargo Airplanes. ( Cabin & Cargo Holds )

In Cabin Cleaning, we undertake emptying, brushing and vacuum cleaning the interiors of the aircraft. In Cabin Dressing, we undertake tidying the aircraft with fresh headrest covers, blankets and pillows, replenishing toiletries, restocking seat pockets with in-flight literature and sprucing up the cabin with room fresheners.

The average time taken for the whole process is approximately 35 to 45 minutes.

Our first client is one of the largest International Air Carriers in the world and we are proud to say that we still handle all of their interior appearance challenges and security.

What Drives Us

AirConnect does whatever it takes to keep planes, terminals, and aviation facilities running on schedule and keeping your travellers happy. We share your commitment to a safe and efficient operation in the air. Attracting and keeping air travel passengers is the core of your business, providing clean efficient operations for your environment is ours.