Line Maintenance Support

For many years AirConnect GmbH has assisted schedule and charter operators with line maintenance support, a service which we provide for a large variety of regional aircraft.

Our services have no geographical limits at most of the civil airports and even at Military bases in Germany, clients can count on our expertise, thereby profiting from extensive know how and professionalism on site.
Our technicians are frequently assigned to short and long term projects at any location abroad.

By using AirConnect line maintenance support, rather than your own staff, you can realise significant savings for your company without any reduction in standards.

In combination with the base maintenance support in Frankfurt Main Airport, Hahn Airport, Ramstein & Spangdahlem Air Base, planning, engineering and logistic support departments, we are able to provide you with turnkey maintenance support in any segment, tailored to your specific requirements.

We are also in very good cooperation with our partner company to arrange heavy checks if required.

AOG Part delivery

When aircrafts are grounded, every minute counts to minimize the loss of revenue. AirConnect Courier’s AOG Aircraft Parts hand over Services can help get you back in the air as soon as possible.

Emergency AOG situations from an unscheduled maintenance, unforeseen event, or lack of inventory can cost your company thousands every minute the plane is grounded. That’s why getting your parts where they are going as quickly as possible, day or night, anywhere in Germany, is exactly what AirConnect’s AOG Aircraft Parts hand over does for you.

Just one call from your maintenance control department and we can arrange pick up and delivery of your Important AOG part to the requested location.