Your Important and Sensitive Delivery Solution

AirConnect GmbH is the right choice for your most sensitive domestic and international delivery.

  • Our hand carry delivery service provides one certified courier who will handle all aspects of your delivery from pickup to your drop off destination.
  • You can have confidence that a certified courier with AirConnect GmbH has passed a background investigation and completed our rigid training requirements.
  • Furthermore, we offer couriers who have previous high level German Government classified materials experience upon request.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • On board courier services
  • Domestic and International Delivery
  • Bonding upon request
  • Courier Background Documentation and Interview available upon request
  • Parcels weighing 50 lbs or less meeting carry on dimensions
  • Delivery status as request
  • Airport Ramp side – Import / Export Cargo Document exchange, Warehouse > < Aircraft.
  • Sensitive Document transfer, on / off Ramp side ( Flight Documents, Jeppesen NAV Kits, etc. )