The Firm AirConnect was founded in 2003 by Mr. Tom Schwarz. He has been in the aviation business since 1988, and has extensive professional experience in the development of aviation operational projects which include an emphasis on,

  • Airline management
  • Operational planning
  • Charter project planning
  • Capacity analysis
  • Budget management
  • Quality and improvement management
  • Personnel development
  • Support for existing customers
  • Identification of new potential customers and markets
  • Station auditing

Mr. Schwarz has accumulated extensive “hands-on” international experience through working on international aviation development projects which have allowed him to work Military, private and schedule charter flights for American carrier.

His background knowledge is based on work experience with

FRAPORT ( Frankfurt Airport – Handling Group ) from 1988 -1999

and with

Chapman-Freeborn Airmarketing – Group of Companies ( Charter broker & Airline Station Management ) from 1999 – 2013

Portrait, Herr Schwarz im Cockpit